Angela Bergmann

Angela has 13 years of experience in website design and development – 10 of which she has specialized in WordPress. Angela creates user friendly websites that are aesthetically pleasing, easy to navigate, and optimized for search engine indexing. She also has expertise in Social Media, Search Engine Optimization, and Pay-Per-Click.

Brian Retterer

Brian is a web developer in Dayton, Ohio. He’s been using WordPress for a long time, since 1.5 in fact! He’s also the organizer of Dayton WordCamp in Ohio.

Don Campbell

Don Campbell is President of Expand2Web, which provides tools and training to help businesses succeed online.

Prior to founding Expand2Web in January 2008, Don was a Technology Evangelist for Microsoft, where he helped partners adopt new Microsoft technologies and presented to C-Level executives at Fortune 500 companies.

Don was also a Group Program Manager at Interwoven, where he built a $5M product line and was a key early employee. Interwoven grew to 1,000 employees and went IPO in 2000.

Don lives in the heart of Silicon Valley – San Jose California with his lovely wife and two daughters.

Doug Van Slembrouck

UI/UX Web Developer, Digital Media Producer, Creator, Problem Solver – Merging exceptional Creative Design with awesome Technical Frameworks.

In everything I do, I believe that compelling digital content can inspire, inform, and motivate decisions and interactions. The Web and Video based solutions that I create leverage the latest in standards-based technologies.

These solutions solve business needs, educate, and entertain.

Dustin Hartzler

Dustin Hartzler is a Happiness Engineer at Automattic and a weekly podcaster at YourWebsiteEngineer.com. His passion is to teach others how to use WordPress.

Ian Wilson

Ian Wilson bridges the gap between designer and developer at build/create, an Ann Arbor based agency he owns along with his business partner.

Jim Luke

By day Jim teaches economics at Lansing Community College (last 13 yrs) both online and f-2-f. He’s been using WordPress since 2008 to teach those courses as both course sites and blog.

Joel Worsham

Joel Worsham is a Jackson, MI based WordPress developer and a web designer. Worsham has extensive experience in building websites from the ground up, constructing plugins, and creating themes.

Jon Kuperman

Jon’s a web programmer in his mid-twenties. He’s an avid Linux enthusiast, PHP and JavaScript developer and loves building web applications. He works at Twitter as a Software Engineer. He also started the PHP User Group in Ann Arbor.

Jordan Quintal

Jordan Quintal is a successful Online Multipreneur, a seasoned Web Developer, as well as a WordPress Contributor and Community Member. Jordan is the current President at The Genius Web Media Inc. that was founded in 2007, and he has over 15 years of web development experience. His skill, intelligence, and ambition have allowed him and his company to flourish in a very competitive Media market.
Jordan is also an active advocate and educator towards Web and WordPress accessibility.

Joseph Herbrandson

After switching out of a sales career, I began working with WordPress websites and creating for small businesses and local professionals.
I have been doing so for over 5 years now, specializing in secure websites since my very first customer came to me after having a security incident.

Now I work for Sucuri.net, an industry leader in website security and malware detection, removal and prevention. I work with customers everyday (many of them WordPress users)
that have been hacked or infected, and work to re-mediate their security issue and implement a solution to prevent any further infection.

Justin Ferriman

Justin Ferriman is the co-founder of Ann Arbor based LearnDash, a WordPress based LMS and Learning Strategy provider. His background involves implementing large-scale training programs for Fortune 500 companies.

Kellen Mace

I was born in Toronto, then raised in the Metro Detroit area. College at Grand Valley State took me to West Michigan, where I got to know several of my good friends. A few years after marrying my adoring wife and high school sweetheart, we moved to Colorado for a short time, only to trace our roots back home and settle in beautiful Rochester Hills, Michigan. When not slinging code, I love to make music on guitars, drum kit, keyboards and in digital audio workstations like Reason, Pro Tools and Logic. I also like to read quite a lot about technology, nutrition and science, with some fiction thrown into the mix to spice things up. Lastly, I’m a huge fan of the marvelous WordPress community of developers and designers that I am privileged to be a part of.

Kevin Skarritt

I’m a 19 year web veteran and have been running my own agencies since 1997. My teams have focused on brand strategy, front-end design, small business websites, usability and social media marketing.

Kyle Maurer

Kyle Maurer is the co-founder of Real Big Marketing which is a mid-Michigan based marketing firm, specializing in WordPress development for small to mid sized businesses. He also co-organizes the Jackson, MI WordPress Meetup.

Kyle loves working with WordPress and consistently pushing the boundaries of what can be done with this amazing CMS. He loves developing plugins and gets totally geeked out when anybody talks about cool new plugin ideas.

Marc Benzakein

Marc has been involved with almost every aspect of technology for the past 30 years. Having built a tech startup from the ground up (ServerPress,) Marc has had to take part in the development of every department necessary to make a company function. Customer service is his passion that has driven him to learn, through both good and poor experiences, how to determine what the customer really needs and how to deliver it to their great satisfaction.

Mark Montague

Mark is a High Performance Computing consultant at the University of Michigan who has been running web infrastructure services since 1995 and WordPress since 2006.

Nathan Driver

Nathan is a digital media strategist and web developer for Ohlmann Group a Dayton based advertising and marketing company. He has been using WP since 2007-08 creating niche websites.

Nicole Arnold

Nicole is a software developer at Alley Interactive, a leading WordPress.com VIP service partner. She develops WordPress sites for Alley Interactive’s high profile media clients, such as Fortune and The New York Post. She also contributes to WordPress as part of the Documentation Team, and has spoken at Detroit area meetups and WordCamp Phoenix.

Peter Shackelford

I have been building things with WP since 2009. I first started using WordPress when I was making a little website for the non-profit my wife and I were starting. In 2009 I did my first project as a contractor and have been building platforms, microsites, multisites etc… on WordPress ever since.

Phil Hoyt

My name is Phil Hoyt, I’m a web developer, and I like to create cool things. Ever since I was a child I have had a DIY attitude towards life, plucking away at my keyboard late into the nights until the caffeine wore off. Now I develop professional creative and technical solutions with user experience always in the forefront.

Rebecca Gill

Rebecca is president and founder of Web Savvy Marketing. With over a decade of experience in internet marketing, she was an early adopter of blogging, SEO and social media. She and her team specialize in creating custom WordPress websites and building stock child themes for the Genesis framework. She has spoken at the University of Toledo, Grand Valley State University, Michigan State University, WordCamp Miami and WordPress MeetUps.

Ross Johnson

Ross is a man of many passions, the most interesting is new age retro antiques. Google it… it’ll change your life. When not pursuing said passions, he’s working at his design agency 3.7 DESIGNS, working on his project management plugin Panorama or teaching at Michigan State University.

Seth Alling

Seth Alling is a Detroit-based developer turned designer turned developer, who has been working with WordPress since 2009. Doomed since he first started using a computer at 18 months old, he has learned to embrace his inner nerd and currently works as the Lead Developer for Ranch House Designs. When he’s not developing (or designing), you can find him playing soccer or spending time with his wife and son.

Tim Yow

Tim began a successful career as a freelance designer back in 2004 but, within one short year, client demand steered him into the world of search engine optimization. Somewhere along the line, SEO became more than a career, it became his passion. Out of that passion, he opened YowSeo LLC to offer custom marketing strategies for startups and small businesses with a focus on SEO and local search marketing.

Tim understands the significant and lasting benefit that a company can gain by having a strong presence on the first page of a Google search and all the various strategies, good and bad, that can be deployed to gain those top spots.

Topher DeRosia

Topher’s a WordPress developer from Grand Rapids MI working with X-Team. He’s been building web sites since 1995, PHP since 1998, WordPress full time since 2010. He also grew up living off the electrical grid.

October 4, 2014