Have You Met Nexcess?

Nexcess LogoNexcess is a web hosting company that specializes in providing optimized WordPress hosting with plans ranging from high-performance shared hosting to multi-server WordPress clusters for high-traffic sites.

No one owes you their attention. No one will wait to see what you have to show them. Content is crucial, design is vital, but without fast and reliable hosting, they won’t get the attention they deserve.
Nexcess’ WordPress hosting platform is built with a simple goal in mind: to provide the fastest, friendliest, most reliable WordPress hosting possible. Excellent hosting is the foundation of any successful online project, and Nexcess is committed to providing the platform and the support that clients need to make a success of their WordPress site.

High-performance hosting requires the best hardware, the most thoughtfully designed software stack, and a global network, but people are the real heart of any company. The Nexcess team’s expertise and dedication are manifest in the company’s technology, its platform, and its client support.

Nexcess has been part of the Inc. 5000’s list of fastest growing US companies for the last five years. They achieved that growth by giving clients supremely powerful hosting with a human face.

If you have an idea for business site, a blog, or an online store, you’ll find Nexcess’s optimized WordPress hosting the ideal platform to make your ideas a reality.