Seth Alling Speaker Interview


Seth Alling

Seth Alling is a Detroit-based developer turned designer turned developer, who has been working with WordPress since 2009. Doomed since he first started using a computer at 18 months old, he has learned to embrace his inner nerd and currently works as the Lead Developer for Ranch House Designs. When he’s not developing (or designing), you can find him playing soccer or spending time with his wife and son.

Seth will be participating in the “Lessons Learned From WordPress Developers” panel at 4:30pm in Vandenberg Room.

Why do you use WordPress?

Three reasons: It’s easy for people to use, just about anything is possible to develop with it, and the community is awesome.

When and how did you start using WordPress?

I started using WordPress in early 2009 as a portfolio blog to display my design work. I started developing in October 2009 when I was asked if I could build a WordPress theme. Even though I had never even touched PHP before, I said yes.

What would you tell someone to convince them to attend a WordCamp?

It’s cheap, you’ll learn a lot, and the people who go are awesome. Seriously, if you want to be awesome, you should go.

Tell us about something awesome you’ve experienced at a WordCamp in the past.

I was looking for ways to convince the company I worked for that we needed to switch hosts. While talking with some attendees at an after party, I found someone who had not only the exact same problem as me, but was also dealing with the same host. He helped me come up with a list of pros and cons and I was able to present my case to switch hosting providers.

Give an example of a cool WordPress project you have worked on recently.

I am oh so close to releasing a base theme for WordPress that is focused on use with CodeKit (sorry PC users) and libsass. Cory Miller is probably cringing that I still haven’t “shipped it”. ;)

What is your favorite part of WordCamps?

Networking and meeting new people.

What advice do you have for anyone looking to start or grow a WordPress based business?

The only reason I’ve gotten to the place where I am today is because I said yes to a project I initially may not have been ready to work on. As long as you are always willing to learn, and are not afraid to put yourself out there, then you are ready.

Tell us something awesome about yourself that is not WordPress related.

My second son is due a few weeks after WordCamp Ann Arbor.

Name someone in the WordPress community who inspires you.

Cory Miller. He convinced me that I just need to ship things instead of making them 100% perfect. Yes, I’m still working on actually being true to his advice.

What has been your biggest WordPress related accomplishment to date?

I’m the author of a fairly decent plugin called No Page Comment.

How have WordCamps impacted you and your business in the past?

There’s almost always someone who has either experienced or is experiencing the same problem(s) as you. Just by meeting new people and talking with them, you can oftentimes find solutions to those problems.

Fill in the blank for other attendees: “If you __________ then you should come talk to me at WordCamp”.

Often find yourself hovering between design and development.

What is your favorite WordPress related resource?

Either the Codex or the community.

Where can we find you online?

My website